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Touchmoon Communication Systems

TCS collect encrypted communication systems available
as custom solutions for midle and large companies.
The solutions are based through three solutions


fuc! it. Fun thing please.
UI & mobile App development // React Native
App Store & Google Play, from September 2020.
App micro site

AirQuality & Weather Chat

with more than 15,000 stations | 1000+ cities
UI & mobile App development // React Native
App Store & Google Play, from February 2020.
App micro site

Undiet Tracker

Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker
UI & mobile App development // React Native
App Store & Google Play, from January 2020.
App micro site


UI & mobile App development // React Native
Coming Soon


UI & mobile App development // React Native
Croatian App Store & Google Play only


UI & mobile App development
App Store only

FrontEnd - JavaScript, jQuery, know what I mean


Hi! I'm Tomislav, freelance developer from Croatia. Day by day, month by month and (you sopouse) year by year my working experience is longer than 15 years. Even more...20 years ago I held IT courses at the university ;)
Behind me there is lot of web pages, backend solutions and user interfaces. In the last time I put a stronger focus on App developent.
In Web backend coding I'm focused on PHP/MySQL. FrontEnd...probably everithing. As senior (A+ rated) developer on TopTal I'm worked mostly on UI/UX for web and mobile apps.
LogoGarden, Pimovation, Gucci, ShadowTrack, RockLobby, Musseum Auctions. Behind me is a few successful startups (HRphotocontest, iKiosk, Photoservis, Touchmoon, Grga) so you can expect my help in a lot of business aspects.

Roman Urbanovski
Sourcing Team Leader at Toptal
"Tomislav is one of the most hard working and precise developers I have ever cooperated with. He has awesome abilities in coding, self-organizing and handling huge amounts of work load with perfection. It's always a pleasure to review the results of his work."

Aaron Hudson
Advisor to CxOs / ELTs for effective Business Transformation strategy and programme delivery.Melbourne, Australia
"Tomislav took some original rough sketches and outline plans and developed a beautiful interface ( and framework for our web app. We have had excellent feedback on the user interface so far. Very happy with his work."


- -
* project managment (from idea to production)
* Mobile App development
* Interesting Web project


Find me on the LinkedIn and message me.